Additive Manufacture at Bath

Additive manufacturing (AM) is fundamentally changing the way engineering components are being designed and manufactured, unlocking new levels of geometrical complexity in engineering components. We are now witnessing the uptake of AM within many high-value engineering sectors. The aerospace, power generation and automotive sectors are now using AM to manufacture highly-efficient thermal management systems with lattice structures, light-weight structural components and turbine/impeller blade geometries with complex internal cooling. The medical sector uses complex surfaces and auxetic structures for the next generation of medical implants.

As part of our on-going strategy in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, we have recently commissioned a Renishaw AM250 machine within the new Laboratory for Additive and Subtractive Engineering Research (LASER). We will be actively using the machine to manufacture highly-complex metal components across a range of research projects and teaching activities. It will be the cornerstone of the department’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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Happy Christmas and Happy New year from the AMPS team

Another excellent year of research, travel and laughs! Team AMPS has gained more excellent researcher staff and a new doctor of philosophy who also likes to throw frisbees. 2018 looks set to be another excellent year with two new research projects about to kick off. Team AMPS 2018, watch this space! 


Attending the CIRP 2017 general assembly in Switzerland, Lugano. Lots of interesting discussions and a few arguments, mostly over my presentation! Now off for dinner with the Research Affiliates. 

14th EPSRC Early Career Forum – Bath

The next round of the EPSRC early career forum in advanced manufacturing research starts today at the University of Bath. There will be lots of discussions, collaborations and industrial & academic speakers on the theme of ‘Engagement with Commercial Partners’. This of course will be lubricated by plenty of coffee!

A photograph of Dr Laura Justham from Loughborough University preparing the ice breaker activities.



2016 has been another awesome year for the Advanced Machining Processes and Systems (AMPS) research group at the University of Bath and friends! We have grown in size; 2 new academics (Drs Shokrani & Flynn), 2 fantastic lead researchers (Drs Essink and Imani-Asrai) and a bunch of bright and brilliant PhD students with his Royal West Bromwichness, Prof Newman ever present at the helm! Bring on 2017 and the many research challenges it may bring!


A few snap shots from 2016