The 3rd day of the RS pairing scheme involved an exciting set of activities. In the morning I attended my first select committee meeting which was discussing the theme of ‘Post 16 Education’. I have often seen these select committees on TV and was always curious to observe how they operated. This allowed me a first hand view of the procedures and processes. It was interesting to observe the general openness in which questions were asked. It highlighted, to me the significant burgeoning issues of post 16 education, in particular the lack of funding and choices currently available. I will be aiming to attend more of these sessions in the future!

In the afternoon I attended an event for the Goldies singing group. A brilliant example of how communities work together to help each other! The Goldies are a charity specifically set up to help elderly people with learning difficulties, dementia and who are sometimes socially isolated. Ben Howlett invited the Goldies to Parliament in recognition of their services to the community and to launch their new song.

Towards the end of the day I was able to pay a quick visit to the top of the Houses of Parliament! 15235893_10153923086802385_8566086235435888996_o.jpg15271825_10153923084942385_7746282261874823406_o.jpg

An excellent third day in the Houses of Parliament!


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