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Human data

One of my more human body related projects is to do with the development of personalised prosthetic liners for amputees. In this picture Dr Elena Seminati is having her hand moulded so that a plaster mould of it can be produced, which can subsequently be scanned and reverse engineered. The same principle will also be applied to amputee residuums for capturing patient specific data. Once patient data has been captured using various 3D scanning methods, we can use different techniques to manufacture the personalised prosthetic liner. WP_20160126_11_53_10_Pro.jpg


Last Sunday I was at the My Science Fair at Bradford-on-Avon, getting lots of small people excited about 3D printing! These were two of our more popular creations.

The power of 3D printing is amazing, and seeing how excited a 5 year old gets about being able to print their own minion is very rewarding! What was even more impressive was their ability to explain the printing process in detail. WP_20160306_14_31_04_Pro.jpgWP_20160306_09_35_47_Pro.jpg