The grand finale of the National University of Singapore Design Summer School. Well done to everybody! It has been excellent an two weeks!


Day 10 of the NUS DSP (the final day). It is time for the final presentations and prototype demonstrations. There is lots of nervous energy in the room! The prize for the most original prototypes and presentations is $300 amazon vouchers. Good luck to all!

Digitally connected, socially disconnected?

A typical scene from the underground rail in Singapore. I find this very unusual. In the UK people do use smart phones and tablets quite a lot, but in Singapore it seems to be on an entirely different level. It does make me think about the long-term consequences of the digital age. How will people interact in fifty years time, and do the manufacturers of such products think about the social consequences?


Day 9 of the DSP: the final full day of prototyping. Everyone is busy, building, making, testing and in some cases cursing! I look forward to tomorrows presentations!

Day 8 of the DSP. Time to begin prototype generation and initial design feasibility analysis. It will be interesting to see how the designs go from conceptual to low fidelity prototypes.